Personal Protection - Effective Threat Managment [ ppetm ]

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This course teaches you to deal with real world threats at contact range. You will develop self defense both with and without a pistol, and develop the mental edge to be ready to successfully manage a critical incident.

This class will push you out of your comfort level but will also be one of the most rewarding classes filled with some very powerful information that can save the lives of you and the people you love.


You will have the opportunity to learn real-world solutions to real-world threats. You will learn to manage unknown individuals before, during and after contact. You will learn effective methods of surviving a determined attacker at close range. We will teach skills allowing you to deploy a weapon - concealed firearm, knife, or other improvised tool. We will discuss realistic situations, and allow you to realize your skill and expose some limitations during a critical incident. We will also give you the opportunity to test what you’ve learned in live-fire scenarios on the range that involve multiple attackers, innocent by-standers, and moving targets. You will receive some of the best real-world training available in a controlled and safe environment.

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Here are some things that we will be discussing and training during Personal Protection 1: Effective Threat Management:

  • Understanding of the criminal paradigm and the difference between sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.  

  • Learning to distingush between a thug and a predator

  • How to be DE-SELECTED every day!

  • How do we manage unknown contacts in our everyday life?

  • What is the proper after action if you are in a real world encounter?

  • Do you understand the different positions that really work in a critical, close proximity environment?

  • Do you have a default position that you train if the situation becomes violent, and do you know how to use it to your advantage?

  • How do you carry a gun and can you get it out if you really need it?

  • What type of gear do you carry with you every day?


We will be spending most of the day in our indoor, air conditioned training room. After we have covered all of the above material we will step out to the range, where we will have multiple live fire shooting scenarios that you will have the opportunity to go thru that will test your ability to handle a small amount of stress and practice all the tools that we had worked on throughout the day. This is an extremely valuable experience that will allow you to develop self confidence in a possible critical incident that just might allow you to save you or your family's life! This will all be conducted in a safe and fun environment, where the instructors don’t have egos and are there to help you win and survive not feel inadequate.



This class requires a student to have experience and a basic level of competence with their firearm and equipment.  

Equipment should include, at minimum, a gun with 2 mags, a conceal carry holster with mag pouches, and your typical concealment garment or device.

Optional equipment would include flashlights, knives, etc.