Pistol Training Group [ ptg ]


This is a very unique opportunity to get together with a great group of shooters that enjoy learning. We work on skills that you don't have the opportunity to practice at most public ranges. We want to train with anyone who has a desire to be a better shooter and advance their skills with the addition of advanced drills and exposure to techniques that they might only see once in a actual shooting class. Types of training we do: * Learn different drills to develop additional skill sets with different weapon platforms. * Opportunity to shoot in different situations that allow the shooter to test gear and methodologies. * Various drills and situations including Low Light, Wounded Shooter drills, Family Readiness, Improvised weapon combos, ECQC combat with a handgun, Round selection, Positional Shooting, Fit Shot, and much much more. Our goal is to only have people that take training seriously and have shown that they have the ability to conduct themselves safely. We want to be capable of pushing our comfort levels and that only come with safety as a foundation. Therefore, you need to have some basic training as a pre-requisite. You should have attended, at a minimum, our Defensive Pistol 101 or equivalent class at another school. Please call or email us if you're not sure about your own background. Gear requirements: 22-.223 will be welcome. We want people to train no matter what their gear is. There will be specific training that will require certain equipment but we will let the shooters know about the requirements prior to training group. We will have gear that people can try out also. You will need to bring your training fee, gun, safe holster, and ammo. We will provide targets, etc.

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